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Expand your business in China quickly
Find sales representatives, suppliers, or manufacturers in China.
Export/import products to/from China

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The China market is hot. She is huge with great potential - both as customers and suppliers of your products. How can small companies get into it with minimal risks and expenditures, and increase the odds of success?

It can be very frustrating losing customers and profit while watching the competitors benefiting from this China phenomenon - high volume, huge profit and low cost. Why not beat them at the same game and be in the China market yourself? What about this Oriental cultural barrier? Isn’t it very difficult to make a penny off the scrupulous Chinese? Aren’t they still communists? Don’t I need to send employees there and rent an office there?  Isn’t the cost prohibitive with uncertain outcome? Can one afford the time or the money to fly 8,000 miles to the other side of the World a few times each month?

Unfortunately, the answers to the questions are most definitely yes! However, ask yourself, can you afford NOT to get into it - the survival of the fittest, right? Business is war but it is also about risks AND rewards!

At BBW Investment, we are here to help you overcome the risks and the obstacles to win the war and to take the profit that is rightly yours! We are here to guide and assist you. Will you be happy if you have an office, right in the heart of the China economic center – Shanghai, AND with trusted staff that can communicate with you and your customers timely in English and in local dialects, AND it will not cost you your arm? This is not a dream. It is the reality that we can provide.

We can set up a “bare bone branch” office in Shanghai for your company with staff that can answer phone calls and handle/forward emails to/from you and your potential customers for a low fixed monthly fee. We pay for everything: rent, utilities, taxes, salaries, maintenance, postage, management, etc. You do not have to pay for any international phone calls either. We will provide you with a US phone number that will ring in the Shanghai office. We can even provide a limited summary translation for emails at no extra charge. It is also possible to demonstrate your product and handout marketing brochures right there! We can help your company establish in China in weeks!

As you gain confidence and become familiar with the China market, we want to help you grow and grow with you. We have established plans to help you sell your product either directly from your overseas plants or right from China through sales representatives or distributors. We can do market study and help you establish your brand name in China as well.

Other opportunities such as cost reduction, finding local suppliers and manufacturers to make your products to be sold within China or to overseas, importing products made by Chinese manufacturers, etc.

We want you to be successful so that we will be also. We want to be part of your success story! Make this important first move by contacting us. It costs you nothing to discover! But, it would cost you a lot if you didn’t!

Please email us at and tell us what you want to accomplish immediately!
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BBW Investment
Your Business Bridge to China
BBW Investment
Your Business Bridge to China
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