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In order to gain advantages or just simply to survive this economic landscaping that we are in, you know you have to do something. You have to be in China, where all the action, cost savings and profit potentials are and will continue to be. Cheap does NOT necessary make a product sell but quality cheap products do! Remember where Japan was 40 years ago? They started with low cost but inferior products but gradually gaining market share and eventually became the number 1 product and quality leader of the world. They are losing it now because of the loss of cost advantage due to the high living standard. Their products can still command a premium over other cheap product. China today is where Japan was 40 years ago! Brand name, good quality, premium products still sell even during recession!

With or without establishing offices in China, we can help you locate eager suppliers and manufactures for your products. Obviously, it would be easier and better to have a local presence from credibility, efficiency and company’s image point of views in addition to making sales easier. Our compensation will base on a small percentage of the volume involved. If you do not save or make money, we will not make a penny also! To summarize, we can help you:

A. Line up qualified Chinese suppliers and manufactures for your products.
B. Act as local “quality control” inspector as requested
C. Act as local representative/contact to deal with the suppliers and other labor,
    governmental or logistic issues.

Please email us at and let us help you reduce cost and increase your profit and product qualify immediately!

BBW Investment
Ihre Business Brücke nach China
Finding Suppliers in China
BBW Investment
Ihre Business Brücke nach China
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