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To assist you in entering the Chinese market, we have designed a 3 tiers approach that can get you there fast and cost effectively. Our plan will expand with you as your business grows in the future.

A. Level 1 – Establish a branch office in Shanghai. This is the basic plan that can
    be set up in days/weeks and will cost the least amount. It gives you the
    exposure and a contacting point for the huge potential Chinese customers or
    suppliers. There will be no direct selling involved at this level. With a low
    monthly flat fee, we will provide you with:

   1. An office location in Shanghai to meet with potential customers. It is staffed
       with employees who are multilingual.
   2. Handle all your local emails/phone calls and provide summary translations as
       needed on a limited basis. You will be provided with two phone numbers for
       your customers to call, one in Shanghai and one in the U.S. Both phones will
       ring in the Shanghai office.  No need to pay for international long distance
       calls to reach your Shanghai office or losing sleep due to the 12 to 16 hours
       time difference. Our staff will handle the calls or relate the messages to you
       as instructed.
   3. Demonstrate or display your products, mailing company brochures and
       advertisement materials as requested (at cost +10%).
   4. Handle basic logistic, management, government, or other issues as they

B. Level 2 – Sell product in China. Your product can be sold directly in China using
    local sales representative or distributors, or directly from your overseas plants,
    or from China to other countries. With additional monthly flat fee and cost plus
    10% or commission, we will provide/assist you with (in addition to Level 1

   1. Applying for all necessary licenses and provide local references as needed to
       sell your product locally in China.
   2. Help you set up local sales representative or distributors, or act as your local
   3. Provide basic financial and accounting services to support the sales activities
       in China.
   4. Formula basic strategies and consulting services to support and expand the
       sales activities through, e.g., local advertisement, infomercial, media
       advertisement, bill boards, etc.

C. Level 3 – Establish company/product brand name in China. We will assist you
    to develop marketing/sales campaigns for major push into the Chinese market,
    either locally, area wide or nationally.

   1. Full fledge sales and marketing campaigns to penetrate/expand into the
       Chinese market.
   2. Establish sales offices in multiple cities, e.g. Beijing, Hong Kong,
       Guangzhou, Taiwan, etc.
   3. Form alliances with other Chinese corporations to further the market
       penetration and to create product synergism.

Please email us at and let us go to work for you immediately!
BBW Investment
Ihre Business Brücke nach China
Opening Office and Selling Products in China
BBW Investment
Ihre Business Brücke nach China
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